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All University Games Photos in the Paper
February 19, 2009, 7:46 pm
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Front Page Page 4

On Tuesday, two of my photographs from NYU’s All University Games made it onto the pages of the Washington Square News. While the photo on the front page was cropped a little more than I would have liked (Original photos here), it’s been great to have two front pages in two weeks, and the fact that they included an additional photo on page 4 is just gravy.

Print may be dying, but there’s just something different about seeing your work on paper that evokes a certain kind of pride that pixels cannot produce.


The Direction

Dean StattmannFirst of all, I want to thank everyone who has kept this blog alive by checking back to see what’s new every day. I have been a lot better about posting recently and you can expect far more frequent posting as of now. I’ve received some great feedback and criticism and that is precisely what keeps me motivated and inspired so please keep it up. And leave comments!

While I am a photographer, and this blog was originally set up as a photography blog, I want to start posting written stories too (The response to And the Interns Shall Inherit the Earth was unbelievable). One thing I want people to understand is that these will not be your stereotypical “today I saw a plastic bag floating carelessly in the wind” blog posts. I am a journalist and I intend to put my skills to use right here, on Next Stop Go. That said, while you will see some newsy pieces, I am going to try take a more magazine-oriented approach from now on. That’s my focus and I will be posting a lot to get as much practice as possible.

However, photography will not depart from this blog in any way, shape or form and I intend to up the volume in that area as well. I take photos at least five days a week and there will be a constant stream of new material right here.

Also, blogs make it virtually impossible to customize stuff but there is always some room for improvement. So, if you ever have a thought or idea on how this blog could be better, please dont hesitate to let me know.

I currently have several projects in motion and they will all appear here on Next Stop Go over the next couple days so watch this space!

That is all.

Next stop go!

Dean Stattmann

Photos Published on Front Page of Washington Square News


After yesterday’s photojournalism class, I left NYU’s journalism department to find two firetrucks and an emergency Con Ed vehicle cluttered around a smoking manhole. Camera already in hand, I started snapping. Minutes later, a Washington Square News reporter is on the scene. “Are you with WSN?,” she asked. “Nope,” I replied. “Any idea who I could talk to around here?” “Yeah there are a couple NYPD guys the other side. They’d probably know what’s going on.”

As she turned to leave, I figured I may as well try get something out of my shots. “Hey, I mean, if you need any photos to go with your article, here’s my email adress…

Later that night, I got an email from WSN’s continuous news editor asking if he could see the frames. An hour later they were on flickr and I heard nothing more.

This morning I arrived at the journalism department at 9 a.m. once more for another reporting class. Eyes blurry, I rounded the corner past the camp of administrators and glanced down upon a fresh stack of papers and noticed two familiar photos. That was easy.


Clip from Men’s Fitness February Issue
February 6, 2009, 4:51 am
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This month’s issue of Men’s Fitness contains my first ever magazine clip! Back page. Check it out.